Before registering, the participant has to read these rules entirely. By registering, the participant accepts this rules statement. The purpose of this statement is the safety of all (organization, volunteers, partners, participants).
1. The Organization

The Ardennes Monster is organized by OVEMOVE Société en Commandite company, registered on Banque Carrefour des Entreprises (BCE) and on the Moniteur Belge, with company number 0776.618.919. The headquarters are located in 1420 Braine-l'Alleud, Chaussée d'Alsemberg 975 B.

The Ardennes Monster is a registered brand and trademark on the Benelux Office Intellectual Property BOIP.

2. The Race

2.1. The Race

The Ardennes Monster is an ultra cycling adventure approximating 1000 km and 18 000m of elevation gain, through Namur, Liège, and Luxembourg provines. The Race takes place during day and night, without assistance, nor drafting.

Two participation modes are allowed :

- SOLO, self-supported.

- TEAM, self-supported. A team consists in 2 persons.

2.2. Participation requirements

Physical condition

The participant is aware that the Ardennes Monster is a very long and very difficult challenge, that requires excellent physical condition, knowledge of oneself and of one's physical limitations, as well as suitable training. This excellent physical condition is essential for participation.

Each participant agrees to be in sufficient physical condition and declares that they are not undergoing medical treatment that affects their behavior or is likely to affect them. Competitors participate in the event on their own responsibility. The organization cannot be held responsible for the health problems of the competitors.

Allowed bikes

Only bikes with human motricity are allowed.

Bicycles must be fitted with tires at least 25mm wide. 28mm tires are also recommended for a better comfort.

Medical certificate

In order to confirm and prove his/her fitness for practice, the participant is required, when registering, to provide a medical certificate certifying her/his good health, the absence of health problems, and confirming the required physical abilities. This document must be sent to the organizer no later than 15 days before the start date of the event.


L’épreuve est assurée par :

– Responsabilité civile : conformément à la loi, les organisateurs ont souscrit un contrat d’assurance, auprès d’une assurance privée.

– Individuelle accident : une assurance a été souscrite pour tous les concurrents ressortissants EU. Vous pouvez consulter les conditions générales de l’assurance dommages corporels en cliquant ici.

Pour tous les autres participants, ceux-ci doivent obligatoirement être en possession d’une assurance individuelle pour les accidents, et posséder une copie de celle-ci tout au long de l’épreuve. Cette assurance doit couvrir tous les préjudices personnels (accident, blessure, chute, handicap, mort), ainsi que les frais de prise en charge et d’évacuation, et d’éventuel rapatriement dans son pays de résidence

This document must be sent to the organizer no later than 15 days before the start date of the event.

Therefore, the participant accepts full responsibility for his actions and any accidents that may occur. In particular, he must sign a discharge of responsibilities when collecting the bib.

The participant must also have a civil liability insurance, in the event that he causes damage to others.


The nature of the event presents a number of natural hazards that participants will face, as they may during a single training session. The participant is fully aware that this challenge is therefore dangerous given the unforeseen events that may occur.

The participant is also fully aware that his/her participation involves being confronted with tricky climatic conditions (rain, heat, cold, thunderstorms), even hostile. Under these conditions, it is the participants responsibility to assess their risk and ensure their own safety.

The risks that the participant may face are as follows:

- Injury risk

- Fall risk

- Accident with other road users

- Climatic / weather risk

- Animal attack risk

- Loss and theft risk

- All unpredictable other risks

Minimum age

In order to be able to take part in the Ardennes Monster, the participant must be at least 18y old the day of the event.

2.3. Start and Finish Line

The start location is : Namur.

The start area will thus include a start village, where the check-in of participants, and the control of compulsory equipment will take place.

The participant will be able to receive his bib on presentation of his identity document, after having passed the control of the equipment and the bicycle, provided that these have been approved.

At all times during the race, the bib and number, as well as the logo of the organization, must be visible on the required parts and elements.

2.4. Belgium VS Rest of the World

As an innovation, a new challenge will take place within the Monster of the Ardennes. The ten best times of the Belgian participants will be compared to the ten best times of the “Rest of the World” participants. Thus, the average of the ten best Belgian times will be compared to the average of the ten best ROW times. The best average will win the challenge.

3. Registration

3.1. Registration validity

The registration will be complete if all requirements here below are validated :

- Registration form

- Registration fees paid

- Sworn statement

- Medical certificate certifying the physical aptitude as well as the non-contraindication of practicing ultra cycling, for a distance of approximately 1000km;

- Insurance (accidents, repatriation, medical costs, ...)

All these documents must be given to the organization no later than 15 days before the start date of the event.

3.2. Fees

Registrations fees depend on the participation mode :

- SOLO : 235.00€ before Dec 15th, 2023 - 270.00€ from Dec 15th, 2023

- TEAM : X2 : 220.00€ / teammate before Dec 15th, 2023 - 250.00€ / teammate from Dec 15th, 2023

4. Cancellation and modification

4.1. By the organization

In case of unforeseeable events (eg decisions of local authorities, epidemic, pandemic, meteorological event, natural disaster, etc.), the organizer reserves the right to modify the route, the date of departure, or to cancel the race. event, at the latest 3 days before the initial departure date. The organizer also reserves the right to be able to stop the event on the way, if external conditions so require.

Given her/his registration, the participant accepts without reservation, with full knowledge of the causes, and irrevocably this right of modification, adjustment, or cancellation of the race.

If, given these reasons, the participant decides not to participate in the event, the registration fees cannot be refunded.

4.2. By the participant

Any cancellation by the participant, for any reason, cannot be refunded, given the commitments made and contracts (financial, equipments, logistic, etc.) taken by the organization to ensure the good course of the event.

For participants who wish to do so, a "cancellation" insurance is offered at the time of registration on the registration platform, and the policy can be consulted via c this link.

This option must be subscribed before the order is validated. This option allows the participant, under certain conditions established by the insurer chosen by the organizer, to be reimbursed for the registration fees paid.

If the participant did not subscribe to a cancellation insurance, they will not be able to make any refund requests to the organization.

5. Self-supported mode

The Ardennes Monster is a TOTAL autonomy challenge. No type of assistance is allowed. Each participant must be fully autonomous all along the event. Thus, no logistical assistance (accompanying car, stewardship, etc.) is tolerated.

The participant can only use his own equipment. He will have to refuel according to his own means (bars, shops, hotels, restaurants).

The participant will use his own means to ensure her/his sleep (hotels, bivouac, homestay).

The participant will orientate himself geographically by his/her own means (maps, GPS, telephone).

The participant will make sure to repair her/his equipment, bike, by own means (alone, bicycle operators on the course).

Drafting (taking advantage of the suction of a runner or a vehicle) is prohibited for the SOLO category. The TEAM category can use drafting ONLY between team members, and therefore not with a vehicle.

6. Safety

6.1. Participant's responsibility

- Equipments

Each participant is required to take care of their own equipment, in particular their bicycle. The organizer cannot be held responsible for the theft, loss or breakage of participants' bikes. No bicycle park is planned for the event.

Any breakage or mechanical problem must be managed by the participant. The organizer will not be able to provide assistance if necessary.

- Behavior

The participant must be able to evolve serenely and to do everything possible to ensure his own safety, as well as that of other road users. As the event takes place on an open road, with the presence of animals, the participant must demonstrate irreproachable behavior throughout the adventure. This implies respect for the highway code and respect for elementary safety principles (visibility, headlights, etc.).

- Assistance to people in danger

If a participant was to see someone that is endangered, he/she must provide assistance and notify the emergency services as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be non-assistance to a person in danger, which is punishable by law, and a reason for disqualification from the event.

6.2. Mandatory equipments

The participants will only be accepted on the start line if they have all the mandatory equipment imposed by the organizer. This list of equipment must serve as an elementary basis for the safety of the participant. These items will be checked when the bib is collected.

Mandatory equipments :

- Bike in perfect working order

- Helmet in perfect condition

- 2 Water bottles of min 0.75L each

- Repait kit (1 inner tube, patches +glue + minutes)

- 1 pump

- 1 multitool

- Gloves

- 1 front & 1 rear light

- 1 jacket with a minimum light water resistance

- 1 fluorescent reflective jacket / belt

- 1 survival blanket

- First aid kit

- 1 powerbank of minimum 10,000 mAh;

- ID or Passport

- 50€ in cash (some businesses do not accept cards)

- GPS Tracker (provided by the organization, deposit gage to sign)

- 1 smartphone with a 4G connection

- 1 GPS or navigation system

6.3. Respect of the highway code

The event takes place on roads open to traffic. The participant is therefore subject to any road event that he or she may encounter during a training, hiking or personal excursion.

The Belgian Highway Code is therefore in force and each participant is obliged to comply with it. This involves wearing visible clothing and having adequate lighting if the participant is required to drive at night or in circumstances that require it (e.g. fog, rain, low visibility).

Participants who do not respect the highway code can be sanctioned by the organiser. The organiser cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident due to non-compliance with the highway code.

The groups must also refer to Article 43a of the Belgian Road Code.

6.4. Sleep and fatigue

Implemented for the first time in November 2021 for the 2022 edition, and amended for the 2023 edition, a rule of a maximum move ratio of 0.90 is enforced throughout the entire competition.

7. The Route

The route of the Ardennes Monster reaches a minimum of 1000km. This distance may vary depending on GPS providers. As stipulated in point 4.1., The distance may also vary depending on possible modifications by the organization.

In any case, the route has been recognized in real mode, on a BIKE, by the organizer. This to ensure that participants benefit from optimal conditions for cycling (minimization of major roads, maximization of roads suitable for cycling). The course was the subject of meticulous work, whether it was hours spent in the saddle, or in preparation / corrections.

The route must be strictly followed by the participants during the event. Unless extraordinary circumstances (subject to analysis after the race), no deviation from the route will be tolerated. If necessary, a penalty / time adjustment would be imposed on the participant who does not respect the imposed course, at a determined location.

The course will be available on Strava and RideWithGPS, at the latest one month before the event.

8. Checkpoints

The participants will have to go through two checkpoints on the route and confirm their presence at these points with their signature.

These checkpoints will be communicated at the latest one month before the event, but could be modified in a last resort by the organization, in case of imprevisible circumstances (road works, floods, ...).

9. Disqualification and Penalties

Any violation of these regulations is subject to warnings, penalties, or even disqualification from the event.

Penalties / warnings are subject to assessment by the organizer, they relate to the following eventualities:

- Non-compliance with the regulations;

- Drafting ;

- Lack of visibility of the bib and the logo of the organizer;

- Not assisting someone in danger ;

- Not complying with the route

- Not complying with traffic regulations ;

- Racers in peloton

Disqualifications are subject to assessment by the organizer, they relate to the following eventualities:

- Lack of respect to others (participants, organization, others) ;

- Use of alcohol, forbidden substances, doping (A.M.A list) ;

- Use of a bike not approved by the organization ;

- Hang on to a vehicle / draft with a vehicle ;

- Inappropriate behavior lowering safety ;

- Not completing 100% of the route ;

- No signature on checkpoints ;

- External assistance.

10. Time limit

To complete the route, participants will have a maximum of 100 hours.

In addition, all participants will have to check in at the various checkpoints according to the maximum time limits imposed, otherwise they will be declared out of time.

11. DNF

Participants can, at any time, for any reason, give up. In this case, the participant will be declared DNF - Did Not Finish.

The participant must therefore contact the organizer to declare her/his quitting.

It is the participant's responsibility to leave the race by her/his own means, and go back to her/his home/accomodation. Thus, any means used by the participant to return to the place of his choice will be considered at the costs and responsibilities of the participant.

In any case, the participant has to return the tracker to the organization, before the closure of the Monster village.

In case of accident, injury, or other event health issue with the participant, an external assistance (family, friends, relatives, doctors, first-aiders, paramedics, police, etc.) is recommended. If costs relating to a possible evacuation / repatriation are contracted by the participant or the organizer, and by necessity, these will be covered by the rescued participant, requesting his insurance (as stipulated in point 2.2. Conditions of participation - Insurance).

In addition, the organization reserves the right to exclude a participant from the race, if he considers that he would no longer be able to continue the race (extreme fatigue, lack of lucidity, serious injuries). The participant accepts this possibility without reservation. This being said, it is not the organization responsibility to check the health condition of the participants all the race along, this being logistically and practically not possible.

12. Ranking

The Ardennes Monster is first and foremost a personal challenge, an introspective adventure, a solo experience.

A ranking will be determined at the end of the event, as an indication. That being said, participants are required to respect their physical and mental integrity, and not want to take risks at all costs to save time. Their risk assessment is their own responsibility, and any fact or accident resulting from a possible risk-taking generating danger, cannot be alienated to the organizer.

The participants who have completed the Ardennes Monster will thus be listed according to two listings:

- A Solo ranking - Men

- A Solo Ranking - Women

- A Team Ranking

*TEAM : if a challenger has to end the Monster alone, because of a DNF of his/her team mate, he will be classified as : "Hors-Catégorie".

13. Image rights

By registering and participating for the Monster of the Ardennes, the participants authorize the organizer and its beneficiaries to use and reproduce their name, image, and voice within the framework of the event. They give the organization this right of exploitation directly or in derivative form, worldwide, on communication and promotional media.

Through us, participants may receive proposals from other companies, associations, partners. In accordance with the provisions relating to privacy, people who do not wish to appear on these media, or in the rankings, lists of participants, can inform us in writing.

14. The Ardennes Monster brand rights

The Ardennes Monster is a registered brand and trademark on the Benelux Office Intellectual Property BOIP.

Any use or reproduction of the logo, name, brand, for commercial purposes and without prior authorization from Ovemove Scomm, is prohibited.

The participants can however indicate these mentions, for their private usage and for their own promotion.

15. Disputes and complaints

Any dispute relating to The Ardennes Monster event involving a participant and / or Ovemove Scomm, will be brought to knowledge and submitted to the competent court, the Court of Nivelles.

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