The most beautifulhardcrazymonstruouscyclist route of Belgium.

The Belgian Ardennes can offer you an extraordinary bikepacking adventure. Alone with your bike, expect an epic ride. 

The Birth of the Monster

The Conquest of the Ardennes

The roads, the atmosphere, the suffering, ... all that draws inspiration from the Conquête des Ardennes. You were so many to Conquer the Ardennes. But how many of you will be able to end the Monster ?

The seek for the ultimate challenge

To push your boundaries further, open your Panache's doors, we have built a 1000km route, where your courage, your tenacity, and your humility will be tested more than ever. The route has been designed and verified for real, by bike . We have explored the entire route in several rides... The Monster offer you a route that you will not complete.

Elevation gain

What to expect ?

Normally, you won't be able to end this route. except perhaps... on foot. Let's close the myth : Belgium is not a flat country.

My desire was to propose you a unique experience, help you discover hidden gems. Because even if the famous hills are beautiful, it is the secrets that are the most precious.

Olivier van Elmbt

Organizer and creator of the route (2x BikingMan, Conquête des Ardennes, 7 Majeurs)

In my opinion, the Ardennes monster is the only Belgian race organized by ultra distance racers for ultra distance racers. Designed around a highly challenging route but always with rider's pleasure and safety in mind.

From registration to the finish line you can expect to experience an amazing cycling journey

Ultracyclist (TransAM, TPR, TCR, 5 x BikingMan)

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